Main challenges and obstacles faced by Architecture in becoming BIM-ready

BIM is constantly evolving within Architecture and it is important to stay on top of changes and developments. By doing so, allows you to understand the industry trends and provide a more efficient service to your clients. BIM for Architects can offer benefits such as better collaboration and integration throughout your business.

The Majenta Solution

Having the right tools and processes in place is essential for any Architectural practise to successfully collaborate through BIM Workflows. Because of this, we ensure that our BIM Consultants can offer up-to-date advice. From available software to project deployment, our consultants can recommend the best processes and products for your business.

At Majenta, we work closely with you to help you develop and improve your current business offerings. Whether your practice is  small, medium or large, we can advise on the best industry practises for Architects looking to implement BIM.

Our Services:

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We have the technical and human resources to help your business win the Digital Construction race through a targeted and structured approach.

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