Main challenges and obstacles faced by Building Product Manufacturers in becoming BIM-ready

The construction industry is currently one of the least digitised industries in the UK and around the world. This means there are huge opportunities for the sector to grow, a phenomenon attested by the current rapid digital transformation taking the industry by storm as a reaction to the action points contained in the Government Construction Strategy released in 2011, but also an immense risk revolving around the way this digitisation is implemented.

Building Product Manufacturers underpin the BIM process, and it is integral that they incorporate new technologies and processes into their current design process in order to meet the market demand and realise the true value of BIM.

The Majenta solution

With some 20 years of experience in manufacturing and construction, Majenta are a qualified provider of solutions meant to guide you through the challenges of Digital Construction.

For our construction product manufacturer clients, one of the most frequent difficulties is creating standardised elements within BIM models, as a result, Majenta have included in their service offerings to you complete BIM Object services, including hosting– be it national, multi-region, international – software, training and support, content creation and advisory services.

The main purpose of this service offering is to enable you to host and/or create and promote your products on a platform for other projects/architects to view and specify for builds.

A similarly important objective would be to help you use analytics tools to connect with prospects who have viewed and downloaded contents for the purpose of driving sales.

No matter what type of service you require as a construction product manufacturer, Majenta are here to offer a tailored service that fully matches your Digital Construction needs and requirements.

Majenta have the technical and human resources to help your business win the Digital Construction race through a targeted and structured approach.

Contact us now and our team of consultants will be able to answer any query you might have regarding the assistance and support that we are prepared to offer.

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