Majenta’s Approach:

Majenta helps UK manufacturers to operate within the digital construction marketplace by turning their existing products into industry compliant 3D product models (BIM objects) with associated data sets.

The amount and quality of product related information is of growing importance to building owners in an industry seeking to transform its productivity, safety, and sustainability credentials. By supporting manufacturers to provide project teams, and ultimately clients, with the right level of information on BIM projects, Majenta is helping businesses to demonstrate their full value and achieve much earlier product specification than was previously possible.

Through digitalisation of products and product data – which conform to industry standards – early specification is achieved for manufacturers during the design stage of projects by connecting end users to the precise products and materials they require. This is achieved by manufacturers making their ‘BIM content’ readily available on hosting platforms, such as BIMobject, which offer advanced product search capabilities.

Majenta is the sole UK partner for BIMobject, which is the world’s largest BIM content hosting platform, and the number one place where architects and designers go to download manufacturers’ products. This enables Majenta to provide an end-to-end solution to manufacturers who achieve return on their investment by showcasing their products to over 2.6 million users.

Whatever the scale of your ambitions for adopting BIM into your business, Majenta’s team can work with you to deliver your first product models for a specific customer or project. Or, if you want to promote multiple product brands globally to demonstrate your best-in-class credentials we will be happy to discuss an approach that works for you.

Services Include:

  • Content Creation – Delivery of your organisation’s industry-compliant BIM models and standardised content
  • BIMobject’s Content Hosting Platform – Achieve early project specification and host your products on the world’s leading
  • BIM content platform, BIMobject
  • BIM Documentation – Receive expert support in drafting your Pre & Post-BIM Execution Plans (BEPs)
  • BIM Project Support – Lean on Majenta’s in house experts to ensure you’re contributing accurate data to your next BIM project
  • COBie Training – Make sure your internal team knows how to author COBie data
  • Business Transformation and BSI Certification Support – Upskill your business for effective delivery against current digital construction standards

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Benefits Include:

  • Aligning with industry standards and customer expectations
  • Early project specification
  • High quality and efficient outsourcing service
  • BIMobject: Maximised exposure to architects and specifiers
  • BIMobject: Comprehensive analytics and lead generation

Icons of Denmark: Interview with Jesper Jensen, Owner of Icons of Denmark

Throughout the last year, Majenta has been supporting London based Danish furniture company, Icons of Denmark with BIM Content Creation, BIM Object Hosting and full implementation of the BIMobject Platform. On our last visit down to their office in Clerkenwell, we sat down with Jesper Jensen, Owner of Icons of Denmark, to hear about the journey we’ve been on together.

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