Main challenges and obstacles faced by Universities & Healthcare Organisations in becoming BIM-ready

The most prominent challenge faced by our clients is the management of their large and rather disjointed asset portfolios. Often, these estates are scattered across different sites and are poorly accounted for. This is even despite an important need to know how resources are being used and by whom. The reason this is so important, is so we can arrange for the optimal distribution of resources. Failure to do so, results in budget overruns, overall inefficiencies and development gaps across the sector and related organisations.

The Majenta solution

Because of our experience, we have become the go-to company for BIM Readiness. We have a dedicated team of experts helping to implement and improve company processes and procedures to ensure that they are BIM compliant and ready. Due to our experience we have an extensive understanding of what brings value to University and Healthcare Organisations, and how ROI can be realised with BIM throughout the process.

We offer a complete Digital Construction solution package which encompasses:

The purpose of this offering is to enable your organisation to become BIM-ready and to benefit from the proficient use and application of digital tools.

Our range of services has been specifically designed by our BIM experts to nurture a centralised, single source of information through:

  • implementation of relevant data management systems,
  • a more collaborative and controlled work environment.

Through the use of relevant software platforms, with the clear purpose of helping out client universities become BIM-ready and act as ‘champions’ of the new processes and technologies. As a result of this, you will have a more confident and efficient workforce.

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Successfully adopting BIM within the supply chain

Since the government mandate for BIM was first released in 2011, Facilities and Estate Engagement organisations have been key to the successful implementation and adoption of BIM.

In April 2016, BIM Level 2 was adopted as a minimum requirement for all centrally procured public projects, which means that being able to set out and define exact requirements and ensure that the supply chain is fully engaged and committed to these requirements has been instrumental. Because of this, coordinating your Supply Chain can be a difficult task which is why we have created a dedicated service offering for Supply Chain Management.

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BIM Benefits in Facilities and Estate Management

Facilities and Estate Management organisations been able to fully understand their deliverables by identifying assets and what BIM is actually trying to achieve as a whole.

Advantages of BIM in the area of Facilities and Estate Management:

  • Building-related data are easily transferable from the builder to the operator and end users
  • Facilities can be located with less difficulty, especially in the case of large and disjointed building portfolios, whereas the technical sheets of the buildings are readily available in 3D format
  • Facilities can be visualised by stakeholders in real time

As a result of our Facilities management services, organisations such as the University of Cambridge are already paving their way through BIM readiness and compliance.


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Success Stories

The Majenta team of expert consultants have experience in running complex BIM projects for clients operating in the UK academic environment.

If you want to learn more about how we helped one of our most prominent client universities, i.e. University of Cambridge, achieve the status of BIM-ready, please read our dedicated success story.

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