On the 27th of February 2019, we held the BIMobject and Majenta UK Conference at the MTC in partnership with BIMobject. The day consisted of several industry-leading guest speakers, technology exhibits including; Virtual and Augmented Reality, 3D Scanning and more, along with presentations from both BIMobject and Majenta.

Dave Jellings, BIMobject: Integrating Manufacture into the BIM Process.

Key takeaways:

“Raw data is pretty useless unless you can apply rules and configurations in a way that makes sense. Then you’re taking that raw data and creating information.”

3 rules of BIMobject creation:

  1. Geometry: Content must be created in common industry software
  2. Data sets embedded into geometry: Content should then be configured into properties and/or datasets
  3. Importance of the single source of truth: Single source of truth; the way we structure data to ensure that there is only one instance and/or version of that data and that it is maintained and kept up-to-date

Dave then goes on to elaborate on BIMobject’s core offerings…

“Intelligent, digital models of real building products in the cloud.” as well as “Market and business intelligence.”

Alex Lubbock, Infrastructure and Projects Authority: Connecting Supply to Demand.

Key takeaways:

“We need to start thinking about how do we take the sector into the 21st century? – And bring 21st-century technologies to bear on how we deliver projects as business as usual.”

3 things driving the digital transformation in construction:

  1. Digital
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Performance

These are being delivered through 3 key industry enablers:

  1. Procure for better value
  2. Industry-led innovation
  3. Skills for the future

“We are moving from a goods based industry to a service and experience-based economy.”“Improving quality and certainty by utilising digital and manufacturing processes is essential.”

Trudi Sully, MTC: Inspiring Great British Manufacturing.

Key takeaways:

Throughout Trudi’s presentation she discusses the following:

  • Who are the MTC and what do they do?
  • A call to action to help transform performance and productivity in construction.
  • The Construction Innovation Hub

The Construction Innovation Hub aims to transform the way buildings are designed, manufactured, integrated and connected to create high-performing buildings and infrastructure with strong levels of safety, quality, and energy performance.

“Government and Industry must really play a part in helping to drive this change.”

Matt Jackson & Ed Goksal, BIMobject: Application of the BIMobject Ecosystem.

Key takeaways:

“We are moving from Building information Modelling to Building Information Management.”

In their presentation, Ed begins by giving an overview of the BIMobject Ecosystem:

  • BIM Analytics Core
  • BIM Script
  • Integration with VR

Matt then goes on to explore the importance of boring data…

“We need more boring data!’

  • The boring data allows us to create better-performing services and solutions so we can better support our clients.
  • When you think about it, all of the cool stuff like VR, AR and Robots are all underpinned by boring data, without it they’re just platforms and silos.

‘Silos are dead… and the ecosystems are here.”

Bill Price, WSP: Data Mapping and Site Finding in the Rail Environment.

Lead in the Rail overbuild and construction methodology workstream at WSP, Bill discusses how homes, and other mixed-use regeneration, can be enabled through the development of land over and around rail infrastructure. Bill discusses the opportunities for off-site manufacture, prefabrication, and modulization alongside the digital methods and systems that support this approach.

Sam Lissaman, Majenta: How do Manufacturers Integrate Directly into the BIM Process?

Majenta’s Digital Construction Account Manager Sam, works closely with manufacturers, supporting them with the creation and exposure of BIM content, offering them an end to end solution. This presentation discusses who Majenta are, looks at how we digitise and why we do it, and how BIMobject can help Manufacturers to integrate and become specified on more projects.

Richard Crosby, Blacc ltd: Production Led Construction – Putting Theory into Practice.

Production Led Construction – is revolutionising the construction industry and is seen as the move forward, putting theory into practice and allowing full use of technology. Richard discusses how change needs to happen in focused pockets. Data is a massive change to our industry, but data alone won’t solve the problem, processes also need to change.

BIMobject and Majenta UK Conference – Q&A

At the end of the event, we invited our guest speakers to join the panel and take questions from the audience. Here are a handful of the questions that were asked:

  • How do we encourage our manufacturing teams to start the process of BIM modeling?
  • What is the connection between Majenta and BIMobect in terms of making international content?
  • How important is it that design quality is correct? – Is there room for margin?


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