Digital transformation is driving innovation throughout every industry that you can think of, especially the Construction industry. Building/Estate Owners are now realising the benefits that adopting BIM and other Digital Construction initiatives can have for their business.

How can we help? Our Building/Estate Owners Services.

Capital Projects: Building the Intelligent Client

  • Digital Construction (BIM) Client Documentation – Majenta can develop your tailored industry-standard documentation, making sure that you only pay for the information that provides ongoing value to your business.
  • Information Management (Digital Clerk of works)– We can provide independent scrutiny throughout a project to ensure that the asset and model data that you receive is what you requested and is accurate upon handover.
  • Private Cloud for Content Hosting – Host all of your compliant digital content in a single collaborative location for standardised project delivery.

Estates and Facilities Management: Building the Intelligent Estate

  • Digital Estates Management Strategy and Roll-out – Ensure that you have the systems, processes and resources required for a fully integrated, and digitally-enabled estate.

Who have we helped?

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Client Documentation

Majenta is passionate about ensuring the success of digital construction projects for the most important team on the project; the client. We will work with you to put together robust and tailored documentation to ensure you only pay for the design and asset information that you need.

We will be happy to advise you on the function and purpose of each document in accordance with industry standards:

  • Organisational Information Requirements (OIR)

Map out the benefits and level of detail regarding asset and estates information used across all relevant business functions e.g. Estates, Hard/Soft FM, Space Management, Capital Projects.

  • Asset Information Requirements (AIR)

Specify precisely what level of detail you require regarding maintainable assets including maintenance schedules (e.g. SFG20) to aid Planned Preventative Maintenance and performance level requirements.

  • Exchange Information Requirements (EIR)

Client commissioning is a vital phase of a digital construction project. The EIR will set out managerial, commercial and technical aspects of producing project information for the client. It forms a key tendering document along with the AIR.

  • Project Information Requirements

Define project-specific information requirements and outline the project and asset management process

Client Information Management: Majenta’s Digital Clerk of Works

An essential part of the success of any digital construction (or BIM Level 2) project is that the client checks that the information requested at the start of the project matches what is handed over at the end. To achieve a successful outcome, it is vital that the asset data and model is audited at agreed points DURING the project lifecycle. This is the key role of the ‘Digital Clerk of Works’.

As typically clients do not have this specific auditing capability in house, Majenta’s Client Information Management service offers a structured and fully scoped delivery to work on behalf of you the client to guarantee you get the quality of output you need.

Private Cloud for Content Hosting

Underpinning the whole concept of BIM and digital construction is the importance of standardisation and achieving a consistent approach to project delivery. This concept applies to organisations with multiple project teams and office locations who need to standardise around the use of approved and high-quality manufacturer content and asset data.

Majenta understands that controlling robust 3D geometry and structured asset information is key to achieving this goal and a private cloud to host your approved BIM content will help you to drive uniform delivery. Providing a single collaborative source of compliant design data, the Hercules platform developed by Majenta’s partner BIMobject, will help your business to easily make pre-approved content available.

Digital Estates Management: A Building Lifecycle Management approach

Digital Estates Management is a complete information management strategy to control how important digital estates related data is collected and maintained through Capital and Estates activity. It considers a whole building lifecycle management approach to managing your assets.

By mapping out the end-to-end flow of information, you will improve compliance, reduce operational costs, improve project outcomes, optimise the use of the estate and access readily available performance data to provide the business intelligence required for strategic and sustainable estate governance.

Majenta understands that for building and estate owners wanting to transform the management of built assets into a digitally enabled and optimised estate, the existing systems, processes and resources must be considered.

We will work with you to benchmark your existing level of maturity and state of readiness and help you to better control existing data sharing and data management practices. We will guide you on how to incorporate new industry data standards such as COBie and 3D design data (such as Revit or IFC) into your business to help futureproof and optimise the management and maintenance of your estate.

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