Majenta’s Approach:

The way that we design, construct, and interact with the built environment is changing to enable safer, more efficient, and sustainable living. At the centre of that change for owner operators is both the need to drive cost-effective estate management, and the increase in industry regulation, which is driving behavioural changes focused on coordinated digital working.

It is more important than ever for building owners to demonstrate traceability around key building information and to ensure the right processes are in place to track the developing estate. Initiatives such as net zero carbon, enhanced sustainability, Smart, and dynamic energy performance monitoring, are all linked to the built environment which makes access to accurate and up-to-date information critical for regulatory compliance and strategic decision making.

Majenta’s philosophy of ‘Building the Intelligent Client’ means we work to empower our owner operator customers by considering a whole organisational and supply chain approach to implementing BIM standards and processes. Our approach is to overlay a framework of robust data management with prescriptive information requirements that run from Capital Projects teams through to Operational departments.

Through a ‘whole asset-lifecycle-management’ approach organisations can achieve better access to maintenance information, improved understanding of lifetime asset performance, greater utilisation of space, and more accurate projected maintenance costs.

By helping building owners to maximise the benefits of modern Digital Construction ways of working, we guide our customers to manage change at the right speed within their organisation. We believe getting the right foundations in place to maintain the integrity of your asset data provides the best platform for improved operation of your estate. Management of the built environment is becoming more intelligent to deliver maximum value to users and building owners alike, and BIM provides the platform for industry best practice.

Services Include:

  • Client ISO 19650 Compliant BIM Documentation: OIR, AIR, and EIR (Organizational, Asset and Exchange Information Requirements)
  • Client-side BIM Information Manager Services
  • BIM strategy formation: delivering a tailored business roadmap and benefits
  • Full operational BIM alignment support: covering deployment of people, processes, and technology
  • Training to support implementation of new working practices and standards

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Key Benefits:

  • Making BIM part of your procurement process
  • Ensure project delivery teams deliver compliant information at handover
  • Establish ‘Golden Thread of Information’ principles to help meet regulatory compliance e.g. against Fire Safety Act 2001
  • Provide reliable and timely access to accurate and consistent information across the full asset lifecycle

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