Majenta is your software installation services provider

Majenta Software Installation Service provides hassle-free installation of Autodesk software with minimal downtime and impact on your business. All licensing is generated and installed (including FlexLM for network licensing), and installations are customised for optimum performance including system, network, file storage and disk space. All installations are verified and tested fit for purpose and are fully documented and managed, which helps assist with subsequent software upgrades, support and issue resolution.

In addition, Majenta advise on your IT requirements including certified hardware, graphics drivers and OS service pack enhancements for peak performance of your software investment.

What’s Covered?

Majenta Software Installation Services install all Autodesk Collections including Architecture, Engineering and Construction Collection. All Autodesk software is provided, so there’s no need to download huge applications – potentially impacting your network performance – and all software is guaranteed to run efficiently.

Why use the Majenta Software Installation Service?

Majenta are experts in advising, implementing and supporting Autodesk software across their extensive customer base.

Using the installation service eliminates the need to learn/re-learn Autodesk installation processes (including updates and yearly changes) and ensures minimal downtime and impact on your business.

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