BIM in Structural Engineering

Benefit from better integration by strategically implementing BIM.

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Unlocking the benefits of BIM

Realise the benefits of BIM in Structural Engineering, such as better integration with the design team and the ability to have the most up to date project information and data available.

Majenta Solutions BIM Consultants have a thorough understanding of the BIM process for Structural Engineering companies and can help you adopt effective changes to your existing processes.

Whether you’re an independent consultant or a larger engineering practice, our team have the ability to draw on experience and offer advice on implementation, best practise and efficiencies that can be gained from adopting BIM.



Real value added benefits using BIM

Structural engineers have an important part to play in the BIM process, and can benefit from strategically implementing BIM within their organisation.

BIM Services

This service will help analyse your current state of BIM and design workflow. Our BIM Workflow Consultancy services are tailored to your needs, focus on your business objectives, process and technology, standards, model review, audit and management.

  • BIM Execution Plan (BEP)
  • BIM Standards
  • Model Production Delivery Tables (MPDT)
  • Asset Information Requirements (AIR)

Majenta Solutions Content Creation service, allows our in-house professionals to create all of your objects, to a BIM level 2 standard. We also create product-centric tailored training programs. BIM training can be performed in-house or onsite depending on your needs and requirements.

Data Management is a fundamental part of any project. Majenta Solutions understand that Data Management needs to be defined and understood by both the company and project team in order to comply with BIM standards.

The Majenta Solutions BIM Support caters for all of your design needs. Whether technical or functional challenges, Majenta Solutions can help.

BIM Review

Our BIM Review provides an analysis process which is used to assess and identify areas for improvement related to BIM.


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