Course Type:
2 Days
James Smith
User Level:
Beginner to Advanced

This COBie course is for designers, contractors, owners, and operators who need specify, create, update, use, and/or check files containing information that conforms to the Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) Standard.

The first part delivers the foundational knowledge and essential concepts needed to use the COBie standard. Every COBie data field is covered in this part of the course.

The second part of the Academy provides you with the hands-on techniques you need to specify the delivery of COBie data, create that during design or construction with specific commercial software, and test to make sure that COBie data files meet NBIMS-US V3 and standard contract requirements.

COBie As-Built gives the student the context to understand the outline of the COBie file that is typically provided by Contractors. This information can be found today on design drawing schedules.

The following COBie Tabs are covered in this course: Document, Spare, Resource, Job, Zone, System, Assembly, and Connection.

Learn how to:

  • Describe the transformation currently facing designers, builders, owners, and operators
  • Describe how to structure and capture information
  • Describe the characteristics of effective information exchange standards
  • Describe the scope of COBie during design
  • Describe the scope of COBie during construction Identify out-of-scope requirements where use of COBie will not be effective
  • Describe the difference between rooms and spaces
  • Translate space and equipment schedules into COBie
  • Describe the relationship between drawing schedules and COBie data
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