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COBie Author Training Course

The COBie Author course gives a complete understanding of BIM compliant COBie information and Asset Data delivery to any Author, Designer, or to any Supplier of COBie and Data deliverables.

Our COBie Author training course provides attendees with an understanding of why COBie was created, how it’s structured and how it is applied over the course of a project. The COBie Authoring training course covers all aspects of COBie that may be delivered. Once completed, attendees will be able to meet current contractual requirements.

Majenta’s COBie Author course goes into the detail on how COBie information is structured, how the information relates to other asset data deliverables, and then the methods and processes of how to deliver COBie information and asset data as the author of a design, and as a supplier of information. The course details how COBie is aligned to the operation and maintenance of the building lifecycle and how it aligns for the delivery of digital Operations and Maintenance Manual information.

The course demonstrates how to review and check COBie information for accuracy prior to delivery and details the processes involved to accomplish this.

The COBie Author course offers benefits to:

  • Contractors
  • Designers
  • Suppliers

COBie Author Training Course

The core objectives for the COBie Validate course are the following:

  • To gain a comprehensive understanding of COBie
  • Understand the fundamentals of COBie information
  • Become proficient with principal software to build COBie information
  • To get proficient in creating and changing COBie documents
  • Gain the confidence to return to work with the practical ability to use COBie on live projects

Our COBie Validate training course is a standard course and covers the topics and modules below, however, this course can be tailored to your exact requirements to cater for your training needs.

COBie Validate training will cover the following elements:

  • COBie Introduction and Brief Introduction to BIM
  • Software Overview and IFCs
  • COBie Structure of Technical Design & O&M information
  • Creation of COBie Parameters and Information by Revit Family
  • Creation of COBie output from Revit project
  • Validation & Quality Control of COBie information within Revit project

This course can be tailored depending on your requirements, so if there’s anything specific you want to know please get in touch.

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