Main challenges and obstacles faced by Contractors in becoming BIM-ready

Driven by the Government Construction Strategy, the UK’s Construction Industry has seen a shift towards digitisation over the past few years which is only going to pick up pace in the years to come as a natural response to challenges within the sector itself, e.g. cost and schedule overruns, client desiderata/exigences, construction labour productivity deficits,etc.

The Contractor community are early adopters of BIM and have quickly realised the benefits that it brings to the construction process. BIM provides Contractors with a visual communication which helps to assist all stakeholders in a project.

It is essential for Contractors to continue to evolve and develop as the industry grows. The continuous development of companies, teams and individuals will ensure these efficiencies continue to develop as the industry does.

The Majenta Solution

Our BIM Consultants are successful in helping develop workflows, frameworks and deployment plans for companies. Identifying and discussing how BIM for Contractors can achieve efficiencies within their processes.

We offer comprehensive executive training services which touch upon the commercial programme of BIM and are aimed at helping you understand how to communicate BIM to your team and how to implement it throughout your projects.

If you envisage evolving to internal BIM project management, we have put together internal BIM development strategy services encompassing software and programme management, and BIM Level 2 training, for the smooth transition into this new business phase.

BIM generates massive amounts of digital data that is continuously managed and exchanged throughout the construction project lifecycle. Majenta are here to help you manage complex BIM digital data, acting as an information gatekeeper and streamlining the timely and efficient exchange of secure project information.

Majenta have the technical and human resources to help your contracting business win the Digital Construction race through a targeted and structured approach.

Contact us now and our team of consultants will be able to answer any query you might have regarding the assistance and support that we are prepared to offer.

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