The Main Contractor community are early adopters of BIM and Digital Construction and have quickly realised the benefits that it brings to the construction process. BIM provides Main Contractors with visual communication which helps to assist all stakeholders in a project.

It is essential for Main Contractors to continue to evolve and develop as the industry grows. The continuous development of companies, teams and individuals will ensure these efficiencies continue to develop as the industry does.

How can we help?

  • Information Management – Outsource the successful delivery of your client’s digital asset information.
  • Model Coordination and Clash Detection – Outsource management and delivery of your single and multi-discipline model for coordination and clash detection.
  • Model Development – Outsource the professional development of your 3D model or authoring of your asset information.
  • COBie Training – Make sure your project team knows how to author and validate COBie data.
  • Private Cloud for Content Hosting – Host all of your compliant digital content in a single collaborative location for standardised project delivery.
  • Modular (Volumetric) Construction – Take expert advice on off-site manufacturing and modular construction.

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Who have we helped?

For those in need of more detail…

Information Management

Appointing an Information Manager is an essential requirement of a BIM Level 2 project. This role is not only highly-skilled, but also involves challenges such as federating the asset information model, supporting the consultants and supply chains with asset information capture and validation, and ensuring data outputs are compliant with the client’s requirements at each stage.

BIM is all about turning data into information, which in turn provides knowledge. If the data is missing, in the incorrect format, not delivered on time or just completely incorrect then the information becomes non-existent or misleading at best, the whole point of BIM is then missed, and the entire process can become a significant waste of time and money.

To help you meet your client’s project requirements and exceed their expectations, Majenta’s project team is able to offer a range of supporting services and we are experienced in providing fast and accurate proposals.

Model Development

Whether it is a matter of bandwidth, in-house skills, or experience, if you require support with model development then Majenta’s team is on hand to help.

Majenta understands that outsourcing model development work requires trust and experience and that’s why, at the heart of our digital construction consultancy business, is our industry-leading team of experts. With the team’s vast experience of modelling and project support, Majenta is able to assist with multi-discipline model development.

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COBie Training

Majenta’s COBie training course was designed and developed by industry specialists to support contractors with a practical understanding of BIM compliant COBie information and asset data delivery.

The course provides attendees with an understanding of why COBie was created, how it’s structured and how it is applied over the course of a project. It shows how a designer will author the information and asset data of a COBie deliverable and focuses on how to review and check this information for accuracy. It will ensure attendees are equipped to meet your contract requirements.

Private Cloud for Content Hosting

Underpinning the whole concept of BIM and digital construction is the importance of standardisation and achieving a consistent approach to project delivery. This concept also applies to contractors with multiple teams and office locations who need to standardise around the use of approved and high-quality BIM content. Majenta understands that controlling robust 3D geometry and structured asset information is key to achieving this goal and a private cloud to host your approved BIM content helps to drive uniform delivery. Providing a single collaborative source of compliant design data, the Hercules platform developed by Majenta’s partner BIMobject will help your business to easily make pre-approved content available.

Modular (Volumetric) Construction

The growth of off-site manufacturing in the construction industry looks set to stay and Majenta has been at the forefront of this method of project delivery. Whether your interest is in off-site assembly manufacture or full modular delivery we have expertise that spans the manufacturing and construction divide so can help your business in multiple areas, including: setting up rules-based specification processes, assembly line support, software delivery and support, and industry compliant strategy development.

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