Our BIM Coordination service improves collaboration and project outcomes

Coordination of multiple consultants and contractors is a challenge. With projects receiving large amounts of model and metadata throughout the information delivery cycle, it is important to make sure that the information you are receiving is correct, and in line with your standards. It is equally important to know that you are providing the correct information to your clients. Throughout our BIM Coordinattion service, we use BIM processes and digital technology to enable a more effective coordination process as well as building flexible Clash Detection programmes to suit your project needs; enabling improved communication between your teams.

We will work with you to provide a clear process for sharing project models, this can either be part of an existing BIM execution plan or as part of a new document and workflow created for you. This will be delivered to you using a stringent QA/QC process.

Misunderstanding project protocol can lead to longer lead times and process misalignment

New standards for:

  • Model Checking
  • Validation
  • Quality Assurance

became a requirement of the BIM Level 2 Mandate on the 4th of April 2016.

The importance of being up-to-date with all these changes cannot be understated, therefore, in order to make sure you are compliant with the latest requirements in the field. At Majenta, our team of expert BIM Consultants provide their clients with all of the relevant information they need in order to fully understand and comply with the mandate as well as any changes, as soon as they are announced.

Misunderstanding project protocols can lead to longer project timescales as extra time is needed in order to fully understand the required processes. This can involve learning new software as well as adapting new ways of working.  Having this process align to the project CDE can also add another headache for consultants.

Our BIM and Digital Construction experts can work with you to align with your strategy. We’ll consider your discipline to advise and provide industry-specific best practices along with what information should be provided, and when in the BIM project lifecycle.

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BIM Lifecycle and Documentation

Documents we have successfully created include:

  • AIR (Asset Information Requirements)
  • OIR (Organisational Information Requirements)
  • Pre-Contract BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
  • Post Contract BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire)
  • PIM (Project Information Model)
  • PIP (Project Implementation Plan)
  • BIM Standards (Internal and Project Specific)
  • DpOW (Digital Plan of Work)

Please visit our BIM Documentation page if you wish to find out more.

Take a look at how we helped University of Cambridge

“Majenta and I worked closely on this, brainstorming the whole issue, pooling our knowledge and research to define standards and user guides. We’ve really appreciated Majenta’s consultancy – they’ve been liaising with some of the large contractors who are now relatively advanced in BIM for help and feedback on what we’ve done and their response has been very positive”.

Chris Hinton – Senior Technical Specialist, UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE

  • "The guys from Majenta have become part of our team. They know what they need to do and they do it. Majenta is now helping us look beyond the design of buildings to their management during their entire lifecycle using BIM. We believe that this is where the real ongoing value will lie for the university."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

  • "We trust Majenta because everyone we speak to has made a real effort to understand our business and our priorities. And we have noticed that because the training we received was so thorough we do not often get stuck, we really have not had to make many requests for support."

    Martin Peach

    Quality Manager/CAD Engineer, Barrier Division
    Hill and Smith Ltd

  • "Inevitably price is a factor when selecting a Partner to support your business.  However, choosing a Partner who you have complete confidence in and work well with is in our opinion more important.  That’s why we have a longstanding relationship with Majenta."

    Russell Ward


  • "The course was great and appreciate it’s really hard to cater for such a large audience with massively different knowledge bases!! Certainly, no negative feedback, it’s a detailed subject and perhaps not a glamorous one so quite hard to keep everyone interested, but I think you guys did that. Certainly, keep me aware of any other training course you guys run."

    Gavin Dunston

    SES Engineering Services

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