Dedicated BIM hosting platforms are a popular way to get digital representations of products in front of a range of construction professionals. 

For building product manufacturers with or without somewhere to host their objects, a dedicated hosting platform such as BIMObject comes with the infrastructure already in place. Your products will be instantly available to a wide user base, and ready for inclusion in future buildings. 

Object creation has become more than digital modelling. It can also act as a powerful sales and marketing tool which can gain exposure for your company and products.   

Majenta offers end-to-end content creation and hosting solution. We can create and upload objects to your clients’ requirements, quality check your objects, or support you throughout your own content creation process.

What are the benefits of BIM Object Hosting?

By hosting your objects on one of the largest BIM hosting platforms in the world, your products will be available to 2 million users, 24/7, 365 days a year. The platform puts your products in front of construction professionals ranging from Architects and Designers to Contractors and Homebuilders. 

The BIMObject platform is built so that every object is search-engine-optimised, so users can easily find objects and include them in future buildings. Building Product Manufacturers can display objects on a branded web catalogue which can stand alone or be embedded in their own website.

Powerful built-in tools make it easy to join the 1600+ brands getting more specifications. BIManalytics gives product manufacturers data-driven insights on which objects perform well with users. Download analytics can be filtered and sorted so that marketing and sales teams can focus on effective strategies, and follow up on high-potential leads through the platform.   

Majenta and BIMObject: A partnership that gets you results.

As BIMObject’s chosen UK Partner, we have a close relationship with the largest BIM content hosting platform in the World. We can create your products as BIM objects in line with BIM Level 2 standards. These items can then uploaded onto the BIMObject site.

So how can we help?

Content creation
We can create your products as BIM objects in line with BIM Level 2 standards, ready for upload to the platform.  

Content checking
We’re ready and willing to quality check the objects you make against BIMObject hosting requirements.

Content upload
When it comes to uploading, we can work through the steps with you, or upload to the BIMObject platform on your behalf.

Expert advice
Our consultants’ experience is at your disposal, and we’re here to guide you and get you maximum value from your subscription. We can connect your products with larger markets, offer guidance on marketing strategies, or establish workflow strategies in house to promote your models.

We also offer guidance on accessing and interpreting the data behind the downloads so you can understand which products resonate with your customers.

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Success Story: Icons of Denmark

Throughout the last year, Majenta has been supporting London based Danish furniture company, Icons of Denmark with BIM Content Creation, BIM Object Hosting and full implementation of the BIMobject Platform. On our last visit down to their office in Clerkenwell, we sat down with Jesper Jensen, Owner of Icons of Denmark, to hear about the journey we’ve been on together.

BIMObject Services

The BIMobject platform is enhanced by a range of in-built solutions to help your product uploads drive your business. BIManalytics lets you filter and sort your download data by geography and by time period, allowing sales staff to retrieve detailed information on professional BIM users. With BIMobject Product Sites, manufacturers can display products on a branded single manufacturer or multiple manufacturer site, which can standalone or be embedded in your website. For large companies with globally distributed project groups, BIMobject Hercules is a cloud-based solution which allows content to be standardised, organised and managed for thousands of users.

Design, connect and supply BIM objects 


The BIMobject Cloud is a unique way for building product manufacturers to reach professionals who use their products. As the world’s biggest platform for digital building products, it is the go-to resource for architects, designers, and engineers all over the world. 

Search Engine Optimisation 

The BIMobject® Cloud is built in a way that we search engine optimize every product that is published on the portal since we use permalinks and every product gets a unique URL. The portal only contains products from real manufacturers, we don’t publish generic components or BIM components that represent products that are discontinued. We always work in close cooperation with every manufacturer.  

Branded web catalogues 

The BIMobject® Cloud also hosts branded web catalogues; Product Sites, that allow manufacturers to have their own branded site. Furthermore, all BIM objects can be used in social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz. We also allow other building information portals to retrieve the objects through web services, both the possibility to query the server for an XML catalogue but also the ability to integrate the products as iframe’d BIMobject®, this is called Channels. 

BIManalytics® is a pre-sales, business and marketing analytics tool to follow up on leads connected to downloads from the BIMobject® Cloud. It is a prospect and lead generator, an enabler for business matching, as well as a communication tool to engage with direct and indirect influencers. 

Track downloads  

Every product downloaded from the BIMobject Cloud is tracked to record activity by user. BIManalytics® collects all of the activities with building product manufacturers’ digital content hosted in the BIMobject Cloud, where the data is stored to enable various forms of analysis. The tool is able to sort, filter and present analytics from the database, and is defined as big data. It has the flexibility to report over a wide variety of selections such as time periods and has the ability to provide detailed information about which BIM systems that are being used in different countries, in order to assist the decision making for Building Product Manufacturers. 

Leads view 

The aim is to provide sales staff with the means and information to engage and assess the value of sales opportunities, as a lead generation tool and complement to a CRM system. When using BIManalytics®, sales staff can communicate with professional BIM users and retrieve detailed information such as occupation and company. Sales staff can locate direct and indirect influencers as hot prospects, engage with them and find potential projects and opportunities. The tool enables sales staff to retrieve information about the individual user at aggregated geographical levels by country, region, city or zip code. A worldwide map, outlined by regions, is displayed to offer sales staff an overview of the regions from where leads are generated and products are sold. 

For marketing teams 

BIManalytics® enables marketing teams to analyse which marketing campaigns, products, sources, file formats and regions work best and offers the ability to measure the return on investment from their BIM content. Marketing teams can also aggregate reports directly from the tool into pdf files to show results. 

Business matching and BIMsupply® 

BIManalytics® has full support for Business Matching, which is a license and function used in BIMsupply® and on It has three license levels: Business Matching on product pages on, BIMsupply® cloud-based bill of materials, and in the 3D BIM project spaces of BIMsupply®. All Business Matching functionalities are based on the local sales representative’s region, defined by a selection of zip codes. 

With Business Matching enabled in a specific country, manufacturers can add their sales team to BIManalytics® and local sales representatives will be matched against BIM users. BIManalytics® can be set up by countries, regions all the way down to zip codes. With Business Matching enabled, the end users (professional BIM users) will contact your sales channel and/or supply chain directly to request prices, product support and orders.  

BIMobject Mail message 

BIManalytics® works simultaneously with the communication tool BIMobject® Mail. This is an integrated message center where sales staff can contact, support and communicate with BIM users.   

What is a Product Site? 


A BIMobject® Product Site is for building and interior product manufacturers. It enables manufacturers to create and maintain their digital product catalogue on their own website with the main focus on BIM objects. Product Sites can be tailored to each manufacturers’ needs with an individual look and can be embedded into any web environment. 

Single-Brand – Product Site for manufacturers 

The Single-Brand Product Site gives manufacturers the opportunity to have their own unique and branded BIM object catalogue integrated into their own website or available as a separate microsite. This solution is for single manufacturers who want to promote their own Product Site, containing only their own products as BIM objects, on a website in addition to the BIMobject Cloud. Parts of the user interface can be customised to reflect the brand of the manufacturer. 

Multi Brand – Product Site for construction companies, retail stores, multi brand producers and larger organisations with multiple brands 

The Multi Brand Product Site makes it possible to carry several brands at the same time on one website. This solution is beneficial for larger organisations, retail stores, design concepts, construction companies and others. This Product Site is suitable for construction companies or other corporations who want to manage a range of building products from several manufacturers. This could be used to drive design intent or pre-specified products for a retail chain and a construction company in design-build projects with predefined product choices. 

This will ensure consistency in the models and design, as well as higher quality in models with the standardised manufacturer-specific objects to different design teams. It will also streamline the BIM process: instead of designers creating their own BIM objects for a particular project, they are already available in highly qualified and top quality versions. Parts of the user interface can be customised to reflect the brand of each specific Product Site owner. 

A project-based microsite with user control 


BIMobject® Hercules is a cloud solution for large companies to develop, organise, structure, standardise and manage their own BIM objects, and also publish and syndicate these in a controlled way to project groups anywhere in the world. Hercules provides a cloud-based content management solution to support digital construction. It is intended for contracting, construction, consultancy and architecture companies to manage and control their BIM content in a cloud-based environment, allowing thousands of users to share the same BIM content. 

Platform as a service 

Hercules has been developed as a platform and is an integrated part of the BIMobject Cloud. It enables companies to self-manage an extensive range of BIM content including documentation, CAD files and BIM objects, and to have a Single Source of Truth, version handling, structured data, support for languages and various classification systems. 

Easy to use 

As a cloud solution, Hercules is available in any location and on any device through a web browser or from within CAD/BIM packages through our BIMobject® Apps. It is an easy and proven way to publish objects and information to project-specific user groups. Manufacturer-specific objects already available in the Public Cloud can be linked into Project Sites by the project owner. It makes it easier and faster to give access to high-quality BIM objects controlled by the owner. 


The platform is extremely scalable with various user roles and cloud apps. Project owners can upload their own proprietary corporate BIM objects to various Project Sites, then attach different property sets such as COBie. With user groups, the owner can deploy these into the internal organisation or to external design teams. 

Includes BIMobject Cloud Apps 

  • BIManalytics® provides information for the central organisation about usage, downloads and versions.
    · Project Sites are secure, project-based microsites with user control.
    · Product Administration enables cloud-based management of users, groups, clouds, content and Apps.
    · Direct BIM system integration: Revit, ARCHICAD, SketchUp, AutoCAD and Vectorworks. 


Hercules runs under SSL which means that sensitive data is encrypted. Hercules enables organisations to exercise complete control over their BIM objects, including which users can access Project Sites in order to use objects. Data changes within objects can be monitored through an automatic audit trail. 

Example of BIM object

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