Discover new ways of maximising return on investment

To maximise return on investment (ROI) in Object Creation, clients are now looking to use this as a sales and marketing tool. This can help gain more exposure for their company, products and services.

This is being done in several ways. Some clients are hosting content on their website, but most are using dedicated BIM Object Hosting Services.

All of our Objects are created to the requirements of our clients. Because of this, they can be hosted on any platform and work to any standard.

We can now offer a full end-to-end solution for both Content Creation and Object Hosting. This is now possible due to our partnership with BIMObject.

Get the best results from your Content Creation with BIMObject Hosting

As BIMObject’s chosen UK Partner, we have a close relationship with the largest BIM content hosting platform in the World. We can create your products as BIM objects in line with BIM Level 2 standards. These items can then uploaded onto the BIMObject site.

If you have created your own content, we can quality check your models, ensuring they meet BIMObject hosting requirements. We will also work closely with you and show you how to upload the objects yourself or we can do it for you.

By hosting your objects on one of the largest BIM hosting platforms in the world, your products will be available to a wide audience. Using the platform enables you to reach construction professionals ranging from Architects and Designers to Contractors and Homebuilders.

Our consultants will guide you through the process and ensure you gain as much from your subscription as possible.  Whether that be, enabling your products to meet larger markets, guidance on marketing strategies or to establish workflow strategies in house for promoting these models. We also offer guidance on accessing the data behind the downloads to bring you closer to your customers.

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Success Story: Icons of Denmark

Throughout the last year, Majenta has been supporting London based Danish furniture company, Icons of Denmark with BIM Content Creation, BIM Object Hosting and full implementation of the BIMobject Platform. On our last visit down to their office in Clerkenwell, we sat down with Jesper Jensen, Owner of Icons of Denmark, to hear about the journey we’ve been on together.

BIMObject Services

The BIMobject Cloud is an internet-based central database holding all BIM object information and BIM files.

SEO Optimisation

The BIMobject Cloud is built in a way that allows us to search engine optimise each product that is published on the portal. This is possible as we use permalinks and each product gets a unique URL. The portal only contains products from real manufacturers, we don’t publish generic components or BIM components that represent products that are discontinued. We always work in close cooperation with every manufacturer.

Branded Catalogues

The BIMobject Cloud also hosts branded web catalogues. These are Product Sites, that allow manufacturers to have their own branded site. Furthermore, all BIM objects can be used on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz.

We also allow other building information portals to retrieve the objects. Both allowing the possibility to query the server for an XML catalogue but also the ability to integrate the products as iframe’d BIMobject, this is called Channels.

BIManalytics Core is a pre-sales, business and marketing analytics tool. Created to follow up on leads connected to downloads from the BIMobject® Cloud. The tool can be used to:

  • Generate leads and prospects
  • Enable business matching
  • Communicate and engage with direct and indirect influencers
Track downloads:

Every product downloaded from the BIMobject Cloud is tracked to record activity by user. BIManalytics Core collects all of the activities with building product manufacturers’ digital content. This is stored in the BIMobject Cloud, enabling various forms of analysis to be carried out. The tool is able to sort, filter and present analytics from the database.

It has the flexibility to report over a wide variety of metrics such as time periods. This enables the ability to provide detailed information about which BIM systems are being used in different countries. This helps to assist the decision making for Building Product Manufacturers.

Leads view:

The aim is to provide sales staff with the means and information to engage and assess the value of sales opportunities. When using BIManalytics Core, sales staff can communicate with professional BIM users. More importantly, they can retrieve detailed information such as occupation and company.

For marketing teams:

BIManalytics Core enables marketing teams to analyse which marketing campaigns, products, sources, file formats and regions work best. Marketing teams can also aggregate reports directly from the tool into pdf files to show results.

BIManalytics Core local users can use the iPhone App, which offers a quick and easy way to directly access updates regarding leads. As well as evaluate and communicate with new leads and prospects. The App is free, but requires the sales representative to have a BIManalytics Core local subscription with a sales region set up by their BIManalytics Core administrator.

BIMObject Mail enables direct communication between manufacturer and end user. A user can quickly get in touch with a manufacturer to give feedback on a model. It can also be used to ask any questions in relation to an existing model or request specific products to be created in BIM.

It also gives manufacturers the chance to share:

  • information about new content
  • gather feedback on models
  • directly contact the actual users of their BIM objects

A BIMobject® Product Site is a micro-site for building and interior product manufacturers. It enables manufacturers to create and maintain their digital product catalogue on their own website with the main focus on BIM objects.

BIMobject Product Sites can be tailored to each manufacturers’ needs with an individual look and can be embedded into any web environment.

Example of BIM object

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    Dean Arey

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    Beatson Clark

  • "We’ve really appreciated Majenta’s consultancy – they’ve been liaising with some of the large contractors who are now relatively advanced in BIM for help and feedback on what we’ve done and their response has been very positive."

    Chris Hinton

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    University of Cambridge

  • "The course was great and appreciate it’s really hard to cater for such a large audience with massively different knowledge bases!! Certainly, no negative feedback, it’s a detailed subject and perhaps not a glamorous one so quite hard to keep everyone interested, but I think you guys did that. Certainly, keep me aware of any other training course you guys run."

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