Main challenges and obstacles faced by Energy & Utility businesses in becoming BIM-ready

The Energy & Utilities sector has been slow in implementing BIM. The most important reason behind this state of affairs is the way the sector is structured. As opposed to the construction industry, the Energy & Utilities sector is much more prone to drive innovation internally. This means there has been little interest in adopting BIM in the context of a skills shortage and a lack of incentive to do it across the sector.

The Majenta solution

If you are business operating in the Energy & Utilities industry, your processes and operations may be streamlined through the implementation of our Digital Construction services.

Our tailored solutions encompass services that are properly adjusted on a case by case basis.

As software providers, we can offer you a centralised data collaborative platform acting as a single source of truth which ensures higher data accuracy throughout the project lifecycle.

Also, our service offering includes specialised training designed to provide you with the right mix of skills and knowledge to optimise your business operations.

Our tailored solution also included facilities management services intended to render efficient asset allocation processes.

Majenta have the technical and human resources to help your energy & utilities business win the Digital Construction race through a targeted and structured approach.

Contact us now and our team of consultants will be able to answer any query you might have regarding the assistance and support that we are prepared to offer.

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