Successful BIM data handover coordination comes from understanding information and systems

Using BIM enables a more efficient coordination process and allows a more efficient handover of information to your client at the end of the project.

By fully understanding your client’s needs, a relevant set of data can be captured and managed. This must be done through understanding the FM system requirements and how the Asset Information Model (AIM) is handled when integrating with your client’s FM system. This process must be managed to ensure an effective handover.

The use of COBie to deliver this information is a requirement set out in the government BIM Level 2 strategy. Fully understanding what COBie is and how it is generated as a structured exchange format is vital to achieve an effective handover.

Knowledge gaps in contractors and consultants can cause issues when it comes to BIM data handover

The handover of BIM data is a challenge for both contractors and consultants. This is because there are a wide variety of formats and tools that are available for delivering this sort of information.

Validating this data before it is shared can cause a challenge due to the fact there are fundamental misunderstandings throughout the industry. A lot of this misunderstanding is around COBie and how it can be implemented correctly.

Education is another stumbling block within the industry regarding the exchange format. Without a consistent approach from businesses, the entire process may pose difficulties for stakeholders and other interested parties. Because of this, it is important to make sure you get the correct advice and knowledge, which is where our Expert Consultants can help.

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Communicating BIM data requirements to your clients

We have a vast range of experience working with major estate management teams, as well as handling a vast array of asset data. We’re currently partnered with some of the UK’s leading asset management organisations, helping them reach their potential, because of this, we understand that no two BIM journeys are the same. This is why, at Majenta we work closely with you to identify and address the specific needs and requirements of your business.

COBie is the UK’s chosen standard for the exchanging of this type of data, aiding the delivery of consistent information. At Majenta, we can deliver certified COBie training providing clarity and support when using an often misunderstood information exchange format. Consequently, teams are both more confident and have a better understanding when it comes to ensuring efficient data exchange.

Having mechanisms to communicate the client’s data requirements is vital to enable the correct information to be generated during the Project Information Model (PIM) development, the client Asset Information Requirements (AIR) must be understood not only by the project team but also by the client themselves so that they fully understand the type of information that they will be receiving during the handover. This can be achieved through workshops so the whole team can see the typical information outputs.

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Document lifecycle and documentation

  • AIR (Asset Information Requirements)
  • OIR (Organisational Information Requirements)
  • Pre-Contract BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
  • Post Contract BEP (BIM Execution Plan)
  • Supply Chain Assessment
  • PQQ (Pre-Qualification Questionnaire)
  • PIM (Project Information Model)
  • PIP (Project Implementation Plan)
  • BIM Standards (Internal and Project Specific)
  • DpOW (Digital Plan of Work)
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