Why Partner with Majenta Solutions?

At Majenta Solutions we demonstrate our truly progressive nature by engaging with our customers, delivering our software and industry expertise into their business, to provide solutions that add value.

Working with us allows you to maximise your investments in consultancy, training and software.


BIM Solutions Delivered From Experience

Our BIM Consultants work with our clients in all areas of their organisation, offering scalable solutions that help them to achieve their business goals.

We have assembled the most talented and hard-working people in the industry and as such we have accrued a vast amount of experience and BIM expertise which we can offer clients on a consultative and project basis.

From Basics to Brilliance

The BIM Training Academy forms part of the Majenta Solutions Academy, offering all levels of BIM training.

From software to frameworks, there’s a BIM training course that can take you from the BIM basics to BIM brilliance.

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