Main challenges and obstacles faced by Home Builders in becoming BIM-ready

Private investments (i.e. home builders) is another business sector that stands to benefit from the implementation of Digital Construction services, but the sector has been rather slow in taking up BIM due to a number of reasons, i.e. skill shortages, level of investment and time required, lack of awareness as to the benefits that BIM offers as a whole.

The Majenta solution

Majenta offer the private investments sector a comprehensive range of services which includes BIM Object with private cloud, 3D strategy and VR.

This service package is tailored to enable private investors to centralise their suppliers and to make sure a common standard of 3D data creation is adhered to.

The ultimate objective of our services is to drive an improved cost analysis and to optimise house efficiency and design through the use of 3D analysis tools.

The VR side of the service offering is meant to help drive sales by allowing home-buyers to visualise the 3D model of the house which creates a more up close and personal relationship between the home-buyer and their prospective investment.

Majenta have the technical and human resources to help your residential construction business win the Digital Construction race through a targeted and structured approach.

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Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing has been a burning hot topic in recent years, with the Government pledging financial support in this matter to help bridge the affordability gap that is part of the today’s real estate market. BIM adoption has proven rather slow mainly due to factors such as skill shortages and hurdles of implementing standardisation across the sector.

For operators of affordable housing managing their own housing stock, our offer of Digital Construction services, i.e. BIM object with private cloud, BIM facilities management, 3D strategy, and VR, is an efficient and versatile solution designed to provide optimal support to your business.

Majenta will enable you to use the 3D model and maintenance information to run zero-fault maintenance support and to quickly adapt your designs for new schemes in which you can use standard products in their private cloud.

Moreover, your deployment of BIM in your business operations will most certainly be viewed favourably in terms of saving taxpayers’ money and as such, your business will stand to win a greater allocation of funds for future projects.

Once the building stage has been completed, you will be able to derive additional benefits through our facilities management services which will improve the accuracy of FM data and enhance operational efficiency.

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