Our 4D planning services enable you to keep your construction project on schedule by connecting the 3D model to the project programme, allowing a visual simulation of the construction methodology.

4D Building Information Modelling (4D BIM) is the process of intelligently linking 3D digital models with time or schedule-related information. This allows a digital rehearsal of the build sequence, and a refined approach for better execution, safety and quality.

Construction projects planned in 4D can make significant cost and time savings by responding more proactively to on-site challenges.

Enhance tender submissions AND deliver on schedule

Our 4D outputs can be used to support your Tender submissions, and we can also work with project teams to help all parties benefit from 4D throughout your build.

Support your tenders

Stand out in the tender process with high-quality models that demonstrate your vision and construction methodologies.

Communicate visually

Show construction sequencing in the model to communicate your build plan to any stakeholder and translate the logistics and dynamics of a live construction site.

Enhance programme contingencies

Stay ahead of project challenges by forecasting dynamically and future proofing potential contingencies. Planned vs actual animations allow you to compare build progress with the contractual programme.

Increase programme clarity

A linked 4D model represents the programme in a way that is less open to interpretation, keeping everyone on the same page and even revealing programme errors for resolution.

High quality 4D models with project support

We provide detailed 4D models that balance high-quality visuals with optimal performance & user experience. Model details can include site logistics, temporary works, surrounding context, and more.

Experienced professionals

Our 4D planners have in-depth knowledge of construction planning and modelling, whatever your own experience, we have the skills to support you.

Optimised models

We make a point of optimising our 4D models to run on the average laptop without loss of quality, making them viable for on-site use.

We understand BIM

Majenta’s BIM consultancy has delivered successful projects for SMEs and major contractors alike, working to help leading industry players leverage the benefits of BIM.

Tender to Handover

Majenta’s 4D planners can support you through tender, construction and handover, running workshops and supporting you throughout to get value from your models.

4D Tender Support

Majenta can help you stand out in the tender process by producing 4D models, synchronised videos and imagery. With updateable scheduling information, 4D modelling allows the tender and client teams to engage and develop the methodology more dynamically.

4D Imagery
This can be used to demonstrate clear logistics or project methodology. Images formulated can be exported throughout different stages of the project’s lifecycle. The images are published in high resolution JPEG format allowing easy incorporation into other software.

Video animation
This shows the overall construction duration and build sequence. Animations can be submitted with the tender documentation and used at the interview stage. 2D Overlays are also branded to suit your tender submission, whether that be your company branding or tender specific branding.

4D Model
We’ll provide a complete 4D model to demonstrate logistics or project methodology so that you can express the reasoning behind proposals. Once invested in a tender stage 4D model, this can then be developed further once the project has been awarded, optimizing project costs.

Construction phase 4D Planning

If you want to include 4D in your construction project, we can work as part of your team to unlock it’s full potential. If we supported your tender with a 4D model, this can be carried on into your construction phase, and we’ll include training to make sure that your staff are confident with the 4D model. We can deliver a variety of 4D resources directly to your CDE to clarify all project stages.

Site inductions
Overcome language barriers and reduce the chance of misunderstanding with imagery direct from your 4D model. This can be used to brief subcontractors or demonstrate critical site elements such as fire escape routes to visitors. Whatever you need to communicate, we can include.

Planned vs. Actual Simulations
Throughout construction, the 4D model can help visualise the difference between the contractual programme and the as-built programme. This allows the project team to be proactive against challenges on site saving time and cost.

Project Look Ahead
We can provide look ahead reports that clearly set out the next selection of works to the site team and can be issued to key stakeholders. This can be tailored to suit any look ahead timeframe.

Custom requirement
Do you have a use case in mind for 4D on your project that we haven’t mentioned here? We’d be interested to hear about it. Get in touch through the booking form below, and we’ll go over your requirements. Chances are, we can do it.


Interested in bringing our 4D planners onto your project? Book a free consultation today – we’ll introduce ourselves and gauge your project requirements (purpose of the 4D model, what the client wants to see, what you want to demonstrate etc). We look forward to hearing from you.
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