Main challenges and obstacles faced by Councils in becoming BIM-ready

With plans in place for designing and planning smart cities across UK, Councils are yet another segment that stands to derive great benefits from deploying Digital Construction in the context of ongoing Government efforts to speed up the digitisation of the public sector. However BIM implementation has been very slow at the level of local Councils and this can mainly be put down to a lack of understanding  on how BIM works and what the approach should be for smooth implementation.

The Majenta solution

As Digital Construction specialists with extensive experience, Majenta are able to help local Councils through a range of services, encompassing Software, Training, BIM upskilling, Information Manager, Independent BIM Manager.

Our offer for services is strictly aligned with the government initiatives around Digital Construction and it is meant to help ease the digitisation efforts and to streamline the implementation of smart design projects benefiting urban communities.

Therefore, we will not only provide you with the relevant software, but our software experts will be able to help you find your way around BIM digital tools, offering you best-in-class training courses specifically designed to close knowledge gaps through an interactive learning approach. We can also manage the huge amount of digital data being created in the process through our Information Manager services, thus being a one-stop shop for your Digital Construction needs.

Majenta have the technical and human resources to help your local Council win the Digital Construction race through a targeted and structured approach.

Contact us now and our team of consultants will be able to answer any query you might have regarding the assistance and support that we are prepared to offer.

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