The Government Construction Strategy was published in 2011 in the UK. The strategy set a minimum requirement for the UK BIM framework on centrally procured public projects, incorporating the requirement for all documentation and project information to be electronic. The construction industry drafted a number of BIM protocols, such as: Construction Industry Council (CIC) BIM protocol, which sets out the requirement to appoint an Information Manager.

Appointing an information manager is therefore essential and a requirement of the UK BIM framework project.

There are 3 main places within the UK BIM framework documentation where the role of the Information Management is discussed. These are:

  1. PAS 1192-2:2013 Specification for Information Management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects using building information modelling
  2. Building information modelling (BIM) Protocol; CIC First Edition 2013
  3. CIC Outline Scope of Services for the Role of Information Management

The role of an Information Manager

The role of an Information Manager is highly skilled and involves challenges such as federating the asset model, supporting the consultants and supply chains with asset information capture and validation and producing data outputs at defined project stages.

BIM is essentially about turning data into information which in turn provides knowledge. If the data is missing, of the incorrect format, not delivered in time or just plain wrong then the information becomes non-existent or misleading at best, the whole point of BIM is then missed, and the entire process can become a waste of time and money.

Find out more about the role of an Information Manager.

Why is the BIM Information Manager such an important role?

  1. Data is at the very heart of BIM. Without data, there is no information and therefore no knowledge and no value. A typical construction project involves many stakeholders including, contractor, architect(s), consultants, PMs, engineers, and building product manufacturers. The coordination of the data exchanges is at the very core of the success of the project to ensure that the right data in the right format is delivered at the right time.
  2. Data needs to be validated at the point of delivery to ensure that it is correct and in context as important decisions are made based on its integrity.
  3. The Information Manager role is very much an enabler for the BIM Coordinator role and indeed the two roles are perhaps sometimes best combined. These roles are both key in the coordination and management of the project delivery.

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Our Information Management Services

BIM generates huge amounts of digital data that needs continuous management throughout design and construction. Consequently, exceptional care is required to capture and reuse accurate data at different project stages, among various stakeholders within the project.

We can help you manage the complexities in developing and delivering asset information models and digital data, acting as an information gatekeeper to streamline the efficient exchange of project information during design and construction.

Our Information Management and Coordination services have been developed and refined over the past 3 to 4 years following the successful delivery of various projects for clients, contractors and consultants. We have spent time to really define the areas of a project where we can add value and improve the project outcomes.

In doing so we have developed a very transparent way to define our scope of services for any given project. The scope then plays a key part in the successful delivery of services ensuring the asset information models provided at handover are in line with the client’s requirements.

How can we help?

Majenta can deploy bespoke programs

  • Develop client’s employer information requirements and asset information requirements documents. Or for ISO projects exchange information requirement and project information requirements documents
  • Review existing documents to help identify potential issues that may arise during design and construction
  • Develop and maintain pre and post-contact BIM documentation
  • Assist with the supply chain capability assessment processes
  • Configure, manage and maintain the project Common Data Environments
  • Common Data Environment training quality control
  • Single and multi-disciplinary model auditing, reporting and issue resolution management
  • Single and multi-disciplinary model coordination, reporting and issue resolution management
  • Asset information progress reporting
  • Assist and support the process relating to the capture of installation, supply chain and manufacturers data
  • Consultant and supply chain training, support and workshops
  • Client engagement and design team meeting attendance
  • Virtual reality design review workshops
  • Multidisciplinary model federation and data exports
  • Operations and maintenance manual development and coordination (Hard copy and digital)
  • Asset information model preparation for handover
  • CAFM model and information integration support
  • Client asset information model training, support and ongoing model maintenance

What sets us apart?

We have experience in dealing with high-profile clients, such as Willmott Dixon, Wates, Bowmer & Kirkland, and the University of Cambridge, but we have also worked with many small to medium size enterprises. Because of this, we understand that no two BIM projects are the same which is why we work with you create a bespoke offering specific to you and your project needs.

Because we have a good understanding of the troubles you face, we are able to offer a tailored range of services. Each of which have been specifically designed to help improve your Information Management, processes and workflows.

If you have a project that requires an asset information model, and need some guidance on how this is achieved, please get in touch with our team of consultants and information managers for some advice.

Want to know how we can help? Get in touch with us today.

Stages of the Information Management Process

  • "The guys from Majenta have become part of our team. They know what they need to do and they do it. Majenta is now helping us look beyond the design of buildings to their management during their entire lifecycle using BIM. We believe that this is where the real ongoing value will lie for the university."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

  • "Their professional, efficient and successful approach from start to finish makes Majenta a pleasure to work with."

    Dean Arey

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    Beatson Clark

  • "As opposed to other client's internal FTP, Majenta is quick. The notifications have helped me and my team mates to track the right information which in-turn has saved time on both ends on various occasions. This feature is not available in internal FTP servers."

    Pratheek Raviprakash

    Envisage Group

  • "The technical guys at Majenta Solutions have become our user-friendly interface; they really understand both Jaguar, our major client, and Ford."

    Ian Blundell

    CAD Manager
    Eaton Vehicle Group

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