BIM Supply Chain Integration made easy with the right expertise

Majenta Solutions have 25 years experience of high-end design process management and supply chain integration in the Automotive and Aerospace OEM sector, and we are now applying these assets in the area of AEC and BIM. The concepts are very similar if not the same. In fact, the AEC supply chain is even more complex therefore meaning that the services we can provide are even more valuable and in demand.

We grew up with the concept of the master model and one version of the truth. There is no one better qualified to assist than Majenta Solutions BIM Consultants.

  • "We’ve really appreciated Majenta’s consultancy – they’ve been liaising with some of the large contractors who are now relatively advanced in BIM for help and feedback on what we’ve done and their response has been very positive."

    Chris Hinton

    Senior Technical Specialist
    University of Cambridge

BIM Review

Our BIM Review provides an analysis process which is used to assess and identify areas for improvement related to BIM.

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